On September 30th, 2009, the United Nations Cultural Organization, Unesco, declared TANGO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Around 400 experts gathered in Abu Dhabi, who study hundreds of candidates, recognized that this seductive and passionate dance must be safeguarded.

Unesco said that tango embodies and fosters cultural diversity as well as dialogue.


This coming September 30th, 2020, we want to celebrate this historic milestone by expanding tango to as many places, countries and cultures as possible and we will open FREE unlimited enrollments during 24 hours to our online tango course for beginners.

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Who are we?

Pablo and Ludmila are both professional musicians and tango dancers. They studied music at the University of Music and Perfoming Arts (MDW) in Vienna, Austria and improved as tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It is important to emphasize that Pablo & Ludmila are  the first and only couple in the entire world that dances tango and also plays music as a Tangoduo (Piano & C-violin).

In October 2013, Pablo & Ludmila won the 1st prize and the Viewers´ Choice award at the International Open Tango Salon Championship in Budapest, Hungary.

In July 2019 they participated in the European Tango Contest in Münster, Germany and they won: 


2nd prize Category MILONGA

3rd prize Category TANGOVALS

3rd prize Category TANGO ESCENARIO

They have also performed and taught tango in 
Chile, Argentina, Canada, USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, France, Spain, Montenegro, Moldova, Poland, Greece, Czech Rep. and Hungary.


This coming September 30th we are going to open FREE enrollments to our online tango course for beginners only during 24 hours.

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