Singing Tangos

(FULL Digital Course)
Camila Arriva & Federico D'Attellis

In this course you will learn how to sing your favorite tangos!

On this occasion, we have chosen the songs "NADA" (tango) and "FLOR DE LINO" (tangovals).

You will learn how to warm up your voice before singing as well as many exercises to vocalize and how to work with your pelvic floor, diaphragm and how to control your air.

We will talk also about the lyrics, so that you know what you are singing (in case that spanish is not your first language).

If you dance tango, you will be also interested in differentiating the different types of musical accompaniment and elements that your body can register when dancing tango.

✅ More than 20 lectures.

✅ Length: 70 minutes of video content.

✅ Language: Spanish.

Subtitles: ENGLISH, Spanish, German.

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✅ Breathing and air control exercises.

✅ Vocal warm-up exercises.

✅ Analysis of the lyrics.

✅ "Rioplatense" pronunciation.

✅ "Listen and repeat" sequences.

✅ Complete musical accompaniment without voice, to practice at home.